Having recently accepted the Android 4.3 update on my Note II, I discovered an annoying privacy issue with the way Samsung implemented TouchWiz. Here's the scenario:

I want to be notified immediately when I receive a text but I don't want to advertise it to the rest of the world. I like the "preview" feature that scrolls the text in the notification bar—it's small and it's discrete. This worked great under Android 4.1.2. I tried to use similar settings under Android 4.3 such as Messaging menu > Settings > Notifications (checked) and Preview message (checked). However, this created an unintended consequence under 4.3—it causes a messaging widget to appear on the lock screen, displaying in a large font, the name of the message sender as well as the first part (preview) of the text in a smaller font. So much for privacy! Even if you've implemented strong security with a password on your lock screen, your phone will still light up with the bright white messaging widget visible to all nearby eyes. A similar thing happens if you miss a voice call—the caller's number is emblazoned across the top of your lock screen!

It's shocking that Samsung would do this without giving us a way to disable the notifications separately for the lock screen where privacy can be a high priority. As I understand this, stock Google Android 4.3 does not have this problem. Samsung created it when they implemented their TouchWiz shell on top of 4.3 for Galaxy phones.

Fortunately there is an effective solution. The app Lockscreen Policy by Chislon Chow (free in the Google Play Store) provides the solution. Using it, you can disable all widgets on the lock screen. Thank you Chislon Chow!!!

Kind regards, FirstLight