Im asking all dear users of galaxytabforums to check our game out.

Were presenting you a simple and interesting arcade game. The main goal of the game is to build as high as you can, keeping the building straight and balanced.
Use figures and physics and dont let the building crash.

You can take one figure at a time tap on it and a blub around it will appear. This blub can be rotated by the circle edge and popped, just press at the center for it. After that the gravity will take toll. Figure will be able to fall, to strike other figures or to push them out.

Try to reach the record line: it is not as simple as it looks at the first glance. You should think over, use all of the figures and your own agility and stay within allotted time: after reaching first line you will be given only five seconds to put another figure!

We are a modest Ukrainian team from the town of Berdyansk without any financing or business relationships, but we create things with love.

It was hard for us to finish the game, especially at such difficult times for our country, that is why we will be grateful for any attention, any support, of course if you like our game.

Google Play Download:


Game video:

Achieve you own crazy records!