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Is there a simple program that makes the phone work as a USB drive only? That's really all I need to do.
I don't need all this other stuff.
If the screen worked I could simply select the button that says:

"Your phone is now connected via USB drive. Do you want to:
1)Charge Phone only?
2)Work as a USB/Media drive?"
<-------I would select this one. Unfortunately the screen doesn't work.

Is there a way to make it a media drive with some program?
If not, all this command prompt and debug stuff seems pointless. The phone isn't communicating with the PC yet. All it is doing is charging.
None of these programs recognize the phone because it isn't attached as a USB drive. That's what happened when I tried the Smart Switch and Kies programs.
They didn't recognize that the phone was connected because it isn't connected as a media drive. It is basically just attached to the computer as an electrical outlet.

How do I override that??
Ggrant I originally thought the programs you sent me might do that. (Fastboot and Android Studio)
All they seem to want to do is communicate with the phone after it is recognized as a USB drive. Right??
Take a look at this thread on XDA.