Thank you for this; however, and please keep in mind that Iīm a relative simpleton here (!), I canīt see how this helps me. From what I can gather, it may work for previously recorded items (that can be sourced from Ustream) but doesnīt work for projecting live video (that is on my Note) to my laptop.

On my Note, I subscribe to an aggregator of live television stations. What I would like to do is to open a television channel, viewed on my Note, and then simultaneously view that station on my laptop. It seems that, with Ustream, I can live stream something from my Note (through its camera) onto Ustream and then, logging into Ustream on my laptop, I can view on my laptop whatever my camera (on my Note) is broadcasting. But thatīs not what I would like to do.

I hope Iīm explaining myself clearly.

As always, any suggestions are very much appreciated.

Thank you!