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    Getting no mobile connection - 0 Bars

    Hey guys. I have an AT&T Samsung Note II. I decided it was time to try a new rom and decided to upgrade from Beanstalk on 4.3 to Liquidsmooth on 4.4. I also wanted to give F2FS a shot. I flashed all of the F2FS conversion zip's, the rom, I then flashed AGNi kernel. I booted into Android, then back into recovery to install gapps.

    The flash and everything went fine. I was able to restore my titanium backups on the phone and use it for about an hour. I went to bed and woke up in the morning to a Android UI Force Close that wouldn't stop; even after a factory reset. I decided to try flashing the Rom one last time, thinking it may have been a bad flash. After I flashed the rom the second time, the phone rebooted, but kept bootlooping at the LiquidRom boot animation.

    When I went back into recovery I noticed an error like this in the console:
    E: unable to mount /data no crypto footer
    I could not get /data to mount for the life of me.

    I also noticed that I wasn't able to format or wipe /data. Additionally, I couldn't flash anything to /data, and I couldn't nandroid anything to /data. I was stuck.

    I used Odin to wipe the Nand and repartition the phone using a Pit file I found on xda specifically for the ATT Note II. I also restored the original stock Samsung Rom (KIES_HOME_I317UCALJ2_I317ATTALJ2_215287_REV04_use r_low_ship.tar.md5). The phone boots now, but it won't get any signal. When I click the mobile networks menu it tells me that I need to put a sim into the phone.

    I've gone back into TWRP and it appears to allow me to write to /data. I tried restoring a nandroid of my last working phone state, but it only bootloops even after a factory reset and cache wipe. I've also restored just the boot, efs and modem with no luck there either.

    Anyone know where I should start to troubleshoot this? I'm starting to run out of idea's. As much as I want a new phone, I was really hoping to wait until the LG G3 came out before I ditched this one, but it's looking like I may need to settle on a different phone if I can't get this one working

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    Welcome to the forum.. I'm not sure I would think the Odin file would get you straighten out.. Unless your Sim got corrupted.. Maybe Odin to full stock and get another Sim from carrier..
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    Try the sim in an another phone to check if it's corrupt, then check your apn, if you don't have any signal it's maybe this, then check if you still have your imei if it's corrupt you can't access the signal. If the imei I'd not ok, flash a stock rom to get it back. Hope this help ...

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