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    Was Buying a Note 3 A Good Decision?

    With all of the many mounting problems listed here I am beginning to wonder ???
    We have two Unrooted Note 3 9005 models on the AT&T network in our household.
    Expensive purchase . . . just for a phone.

    The wife has had wifi connection problems at home


    We both have serious SD Card issues which makes the usefulness of the phone very
    sub standard in comparison to a much lesser phone

    Doesn't matter what name brand card ( even Samsung ! ), format, size or speed of the card . . .
    your music, video's, ringtones, apps and pics will eventually corrupt and be lost.

    And that's what Samsung has deliberately designed into this phone for obvious Samsung
    selfish reasons. If you think this comment is not true . . . you haven't done enough research.

    Samsung needs a class action suit filed against them.

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    Well everyone has their opinions.. But my phone works great for me and I have absolutely no issues with it whatsoever (I preordered this too)..

    If anyone ever asks me for opinions on phones the Note 3 is the first device I suggest.
    If you need help, PM me

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    I second that B, my N3 is flawless and I know a bunch of people that feel the same as I do. We are rooted of course and running a sweet rom, we now have a way of changing permissions in the status and are on our way to having more options and control, all this is because our phones work brilliantly and are worth the time to put into it. We all have different cards and settings but haven't read any complaints like the ones above (other than a user making a mistake). Maybe you ended up with 2 bum phone's. It happens more often than you think.

    Happy N3 user

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    I Preordered mine as well, and also had wifi/connectivity issues at the beginning, but were quickly solved and has worked great ever since.
    Iphone 6s + 128GB
    Samsung Galaxy Note II X 3 and Galaxy Note III(x2) Plus .. GN4/GN Edge
    Motorola Xoom Tablet... Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0
    Samsung Gear S x 2
    Samsung Flip Phone-SGH-X427 (used as an Alarm only, Not to mention I bought it(x2) new lol)
    (Original) BB Storm owner
    (Original) Pink RAZR(Ahem! not mine, the wife's lol )
    Wanna know more about your note 2?

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