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Thread: [ROM]Note2 Tweaked 2.x [UVBMD1]

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    [ROM]Note2 Tweaked 2.x [UVBMD1]

    Tweaked 2.5 UVBMD1 4.1.2 T889 Samsung Galaxy Note 2

    Hey everyone - it's me again. This is the continuation of what I started here, now based on the semi-recent 4.1.2 UVBMB4 OTA (2.0-2.1) and then the even more recent 4.1.2 UVBMD1 OTA (2.2+) T-Mobile pushed out for the T889. In other words - this is a stock modified T-Mobile rom! This took some time to get together as it had to be more or less reworked from scratch (though much of the 4.1.1 tinkering translated decently to 4.1.2 thankfully!), but on the upside I'm pretty happy with how things have turned out.

    It seems like the T-Mobile ROM section was a bit lonely here on the Note2 forum, so I thought I'd post it here


    CWM/TWRP Installation instructions:


    Wut?!? Change!?! NOO!!!!

    Seriously, it'll be ok. This has been an idea that has been festering in me for a bit, but the end result leaves two approaches that lead to the same result. The most noticeable result is - after an initial step - you will no longer need to go through aroma and reselect options when reinstalling. This should be a boon to those that enjoy flashing this and that, as the process of reinstalling this will now be much faster. NOTE: Unless you use the default approach you will need to edit/redo this process for each update to make sure all new/edited options are up-to-date!
    A complete explanation of the three approaches and how to utilize them can be found in this post, but for the sake of brevity and simplicity I am going to focus on the approach most fitting to the general (or new-to-flashing) user.

    Before getting into that though, remember that the usual rules still apply:
    - While very much stable in my experience you should be cautious whenever you flash. Make sure to wipe data/factory reset to avoid issues.
    - I highly recommend wiping data and then flashing the T889UVBMD1 ODIN file if you haven't yet (which you can get via kies or from here - search for T889 and grab the most recent 4.1.2 one - registration on the site is required, but is also free) before getting started with any of this. This is just a recommendation - not a requirement - and yes, that means you will have to reflash a custom recovery once you've flashed the ODIN file.
    - Tweaked needs to be flashed in CWM/TWRP recovery - so this should of course imply that you will need to already have such things in place if you are interested in giving this a try. For what its worth - I have been using TWRP for quite a long time on the Note2 and have been quite happy with the results.


    If you don't care much for the underpinnings of it all, then this is all you really need to know to install Tweaked 2.x:
    - Download TWO zip files from the downloads post
    --- The basic approach prepare install zip
    --- The main Note II UVBMD1 Tweaked... zip
    - Boot into CWM/TWRP recovery (if not already there)
    - Recommended to wipe data/factory reset in CWM/TWRP recovery
    - FIRST flash the basic approach prepare install zip
    --- This is an aroma-style interface where you choose from install options
    - THEN without rebooting flash the main Note II UVBMD1 Tweaked... zip
    - Nod in approval that while different the process was still easy

    Installation Video
    Thanks to Warrior1975 there is now a video that walks through the above installation process using the super simple safe basic install approach. Make sure to thank him - this is very much appreciated!!


    Just for the sake of comparison, below is what I would consider the general fits-whatever-install-approach-you-chose installation instructions:


    - Backup your current setup/data
    - Recommended to wipe data and flash stock UVBMD1 ODIN file - if so, flash custom recovery afterwards
    - Decide which install route (basic/advanced/default) is best for you
    - Download the main installer and put it on your internal/external sdcard
    - If you decided on the advanced or basic install route, download relevant zip for said approach
    - If you decided on advanced, set up the file(s) and place them on internal/external sdcard as instructed
    - If you decided on basic, place zip on your internal/external sdcard
    - Boot into CWM/TWRP recovery (if not already there)
    - Recommended to wipe data/factory reset in CWM/TWRP recovery
    - If you decided on basic, flash the basic installer zip
    - Finally, select and install the main installer .zip you put on your sdcard

    Download links can be found further down, as can changelog and other bits of info.
    - seems there are character limits on posts hehe
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    Info on custom install options can be found during aroma interactions or in the installation instructions zip!

    Version 2.5 - 9/11/13
    - Fixed SGS4 SecMms FC issue w/ spam settings
    - Cleaned up TSMParts a bit
    **** Added on/off for sms/mms logging
    **** Added on/off for power menu lockscreen disable
    **** Added on/off for quick pin/pass entry
    **** Added statusbar traffic speed option
    - Fixed some scripting errors
    - Fixed a hosts file issue
    - Readded hacked SysScope apks for flash mms notifications
    - Added screen off toggle
    - Modified FlashBarService (multiwindow)
    **** No more dragged-isnt-what-is-dropped issues
    - Further minimized minimal power menu option
    - Edited acc data mod to use matching 3g icon (from 4.1.1)
    - Edited battery charging xmls thanks to foreverloco
    - Updated some system apps
    Version 2.4.1 - 7/31/13
    - Fixed the 5% battery bootloop bug - my bad
    - Added splitview option to Note2/SGS4 SecMms
    - Updated a few more system apps
    Version 2.4 - 7/26/13
    - Fixed a number of Mms things
    **** AOSP Mms self-image-click works as it should now
    **** Fixed the few remaining SGS4 Mms bugs
    **** Added a blacked out version of SGS4 Mms
    - Added new pulldown options
    **** Hide ongoing/latest notification title bars
    **** Move clear button to AOSP-ish locale
    - Played w/ swagger toggle :)
    - Added colorize-toggle switch to support themed toggles
    **** Won't be able to colorize themed toggle images
    **** Can still opt to use the default toggle images and colorize if desired
    - Added no-low-power-screen-dim option
    - Added SecMms option for timestamp handling on received messages
    - Edited TSMParts to eliminate jittery scrolling
    - Edited updater-scripts to not cause issues w/ ext2 use for those that try that
    - Removed upsell avoid option (force-included the change to leave things editable)
    - Made init.d options individually selectable in installer/modificatinator
    - Default setting for transparency is now true opaque
    - Updated some system apps
    - Updated PBJ - now has exFAT support!
    Version 2.3 - 6/29/13
    - Fixed some goo manager relevent lines missing in build.prop
    - Corrected a few typos
    - Included modded Generic.kl needed for one of the mods that I forgot
    - Can now enable/disable ear protection
    - Long-press app-kill w/ back button now works when multiwindow not enabled
    - Option to suppress bluetooth popup w/ TSM toggle
    - Completely removed all SysScope things that were found
    - Fixed/rearranged things to make sure WifiDirect works
    - Increased recipient limit when sending texts via Contacts
    - Made Mms smiley button optional in TSMParts
    - Added some new icons thanks to Alexia Whitehurst
    - Updated 4.2.2 camera option
    - Included SGS4 Mms option
    - Updated some system apps
    Version 2.2 - 6/10/13
    - Rebased to the latest UVBMD1 OTA
    - Fixed a number of install-based and miscellaneous issues
    - Bluetooth keyboard connecting no longer resets keyboard to samsung
    - Fixed FC w/ backing out of AOSP 4.2.2 clock while timer running
    - Added option to choose menu or back as long-press app kill
    **** If performed on whitelisted app - retains stock functionality
    - Can choose to show call icon in contact list
    - Smiley button returns to SecMms (thanks to imnuts)
    - Made some SysScope related edits here and there...
    - Eliminated the how-to-clear-defaults popup
    - Updated system apps
    - Updated pbj and trinity kernels
    Version 2.1 and earlier
    - Due to character limits on posts, see here for full changelog info for iterations earlier than 2.2 ...
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    Miscellaneous Notes:

    - REMEMBER - Regardless of what install approach you use you can always use the Modificatinator to un/re/do virtually ANY of the options available to you in the main install! No need to reflash the whole rom!
    Even if you don't use it right away, make sure to GRAB THE MODIFICATINATOR HERE NOW so you have it if you want it later!!
    - Like I said, the full install is no longer aroma-based but the modificatinator is as is the zip relevant to the basic approach, so make sure to thank amarullz for the awesome work!
    - Updates that come after the initial 2.0 release MAY also have a flash-update-only option via the included GooManager apk - it just depends on whether the underlying build changed, like it did between Tweaked 2.1 and 2.2. NOTE: Depending on what is updated, the OTA may break things if you are themed! I will try to avoid this as much as possible, but all it takes is a minor edit to a framework-res.apk string (for example) to necessitate an overwriting of a file typically quite important for themers (resources.arsc) - just be mindful of this please
    - As the Note2 is privy to a number of ROMs and kernels, for the sake of simplicity I have included the unaugmented UVBMD1 stock kernel, but then for the sake of variety there are other kernel options one can select as well - including a kernel called PBJ by imnuts and one called trinity by morfic.
    - This is still pretty much an unthemed rom (if any would like to change this PLEASE let me know - a themer I am not!). There are a few changes done in SystemUI (the pulldown in particular) and framework-res (to allow for system-wide transparency options) - and the hope behind those changes (all thanks to Alexia Whitehurst) was theme work would then be easier as a result. Even so, this is primarily UVBMD1 stock-themed - and this is reflective of the thinking behind the whole setup as being stock with some extra options. For those that like flashing various mods and what not, be wary - unless it specifies that it was made to work with Tweaked it likely will not.

    Let me know if there are any suggestions/issues/etc. - also, feel free to stop by the IRC channel Alexia Whitehurst was so kind to make for all of this on freenode - #tweaked. If you don't have an IRC client you can always use their webchat interface here. Happy flashing!


    While the theme is pretty much stock, I figured I would throw in a few screenshots that show a few minor things. Note that these were taken after I messed around with a few TSM Parts options - I even updated one or two of them to reflect a few changes since 2.0 was first posted

    ---LIKE THEMES?---

    Good! As time goes on there are an increasing number of themes made SPECIFIC FOR TWEAKED! This is good, as while there are a number of themes out there that will partly work these ones will completely work!

    I will update this list as new ones come out, so make sure to check back from time to time! Also - MAKE SURE TO THANK THEM! There aren't many who have done this, so make sure they know the work is appreciated!

    Themes for Tweaked

    - Echo by Alexea Whitehurst

    - Motomoto00/Alexander Mish-Mash is an AMAZING aroma-based port of the themes originally by motomoto00 and Alexander respectively that have been expertly tied together with some original work by Alexea Whitehurst

    - Feeling Grey originally by mongo41 and made for Tweaked by Alexea Whitehurst

    - AOSP by foreverloco (download for Tweaked is actually in the second post)

    - SGS4 Tweaked by kintwofan (and I suppose Samsung lol)


    Let me know if there are any suggestions/issues/etc. - also, feel free to stop by the IRC channel Alexia Whitehurst was so kind to make for all of this on freenode - #tweaked. If you don't have an IRC client you can always use their webchat interface here. Happy flashing!
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    Q: What the hell is TSMParts (new option in Settings menu)?
    A: A huge slew of mods and tweaks originally put together by the original members of TSM and inspired by impressive works of numerous others - the TSMParts interface acts as a control for all of the customizable fun available. There are a large number of options there - so make sure to check them all out!

    Q: TSMParts is asking for superuser access now?!?
    A: Yep - there are two options in particular in Miscellaneous settings that need it, so make sure you grant it!

    Q: I'm having overlap issues with statusbar icons and center clock - what should I do?
    A: Yeah - things may overlap, so you will have to either change settings to avoid the issue or just deal with it.

    Q: I set a statusbar icon to hide, but it's still there. What gives?
    A: The statusbar icon tweaks may require a little effort on your part for changes to take effect. All changes can be elicited with a reboot/hotboot, BUT for most there are other ways:
    -- Bluetooth/vibrate-silent/alarm icons/ime -- just change their state (on/off or vibrate/sound, etc)
    -- No sim -- if the notification is already active you will need to reboot/hotboot to hide it

    Q: How does this One Hand toggle work?
    A: The toggle, when on, forces ALL one-hand options to be selected. When off, it reverts the settings to WHATEVER they were before the toggle was turned on. This is still a work in progress, but it's a start. That being said - I'm open to suggestions on how to improve it

    Q: Why does the alarm icon on the statusbar/lockscreen go away randomly when using the AOSP Clock option?
    A: This seems to be a bug within the 4.2.2 AOSP Deskclock apk itself. I went poking around to see if I could figure out why but turned up nothing, so it is what it is unfortunately. Rest assured though - even though the icon might not show, the alarm WILL go off when set!

    Q: I keep getting messages saying FlashBarService had to close - WHY YOU MAKE BREAK ON THIS!?!
    A: I have tried real hard to chase this down but if you see this than perhaps I came up short. While I am unsure of the cause it seems the solution that has worked for folks is to wipe app data/cache for FlashBarService.

    Q: The toggles in the pulldown are suddenly a weird large size (width) - what gives?
    A: This happens sometimes (usually if auto-rotate is enabled) - all you need to do to "reset" the size of the toggles is enable auto-rotate, then go into an app that allows for rotation and ...well, rotate. Rotate back and check the pulldown - all should be well once again.

    Q: CRT animation/volume wake don't work quite right... why?
    A: Both of these features require a kernel that supports them to fully work.

    Q: When I select Edit from the pulldown after taking a screenshot I get a FC - wth?
    A: This happens if you don't have Paper Artist installed. Using whatever means you feel most comfortable with you just need to get PaperArtist.apk back into /system/app.

    Q: Why are my widgets all screwed up?
    A: Most likely because you are using a non 4x4 launcher - I have yet to come up with a perfect solution. If widgets are your thing - than so is the 4x4 launcher

    Q: When I enable/disable navbar my wallpaper goes away?!?
    A: Getting that to change without rebooting requires some other things to be killed and restarted, and there is some variability in how long that takes. It shouldn't be more than a few seconds most of the time though - the wallpaper will reappear.

    Q: I tried flashing 2.x, and it ignored all my choices from the previous version... WHY?!!
    A: With new versions come new options, and to assure folks are using an install.prop that is current with the version of the rom that is being flashed, it does a quick version check. If it doesn't match what is expected based on the rom version being flashed, it will overwrite your file with the default, but it will first make a backup of your original for reference. Make sure to edit your file or run the updated basic installer before flashing new full versions and you should be fine

    Q: I took the OTA via GooManager and now my phone/theme is all messed up! WHAT DID YOU DO?!?
    A: Most likely what I did was update something in framework-res or SystemUI that required a new resources.arsc file - a variety of theme stuff tends to go in in the things contained in that file, so by overwriting it with my stock-based edits it will most definitely cause issues, aesthetic or otherwise. Being unthemed and taking the OTA will offer you the best chance of a problem-free update.

    Q: Why isn't the accurate data icon mod working!!?!
    A: The only time that mod shows an effect is when you are on the T-Mobile network - I don't believe other networks will see a change in data icon behavior.

    Q: I just did a fresh install and I can't get my signal bars back - WHY DO YOU HATE ME?!?
    A: This seems to be linked to connecting to wifi during the initial setup phase after a /data wipe. I have been unable to recreate this, but going into recovery and wiping /data again should fix it up for you. If it doesn't, just reflash the rom (I would wipe /data again) and avoid connecting to wifi during the initial setup. You should be good to go after that point

    Q: What is this LMT thing? How do you use it?
    A: You need to check out noname81's thread here for info on that!

    Q: After enabling/disabling the onscreen nav keys, the pulldown goes down too far/not all the way... WHY DO YOU BREAK THINGS!!?!
    A: This happens and it's completely normal - all you need to do to fix it is open pretty much ANY app. Things will then readjust and all will be well again

    Q: I just flashed the rom and I can't connect to Hangouts...?!?
    A: I've noticed this after a data wipe as well - it just needs a little time (and maybe a reboot), but it seems to not connect until all the syncing is done.

    Q: Why can't I resize my popupbrowser?!
    A: You can, just differently now. You need to press and hold the bottom right corner of the popupbrowser to resize - this is a stock feature actually.

    Q: Why can't I sync with my Samsung account?!?
    A: Thanks to investigations by Kal-El7 - the confirmed means to achieve this is by selecting BOTH the SamsungApps AND the Cloud options at install (or after the fact via the Modificatinator of course).

    Q: Where the hell are the extra stock toggles?!
    A: Go into TSMParts > Statusbar settings, select to use the stock toggles, and then click on Stock toggle reset.

    Q: Where can I find information on the kernels?
    A: Info on PBJ can be found here, and info on trinity can be found here.

    Q: Why don't you mention blah blah blah in your FAQ? It would have helped me a lot!
    A: My bad - PM me anything you think should be added to this that would be helpful for the general user base!
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    How to custom install Tweaked 2.x

    As I said, there are really three approaches to installing Tweaked 2.x:

    ----- DEFAULT -----
    This is the approach used when one of two things has happened:
    - 1) There was no preparation done or found as far as selecting options (i.e. no install.prop found where it should be on internal/external sdcard)
    - 2) You are flashing an updated version of the main installer and failed to update your install.prop. Note that in this case your original install.prop can still be found, it just has a .bak added to the end of the file name.
    This approach installs a very minimal and basic set of options that harken back to the earlier days of the rom when I used a full aroma main install interface and offered a "default install" option.

    When you flash the main installer zip as-is and it will give you a default setup after installation (the equivalent of the default install options in aroma) - at which point you can then reboot into recovery and flash the modificatinator (see downloads post here) - which is still aroma-based.

    NOTE: For the next two approaches please be aware that the process should be redone with each new version to make sure you have access to all available options!
    I keep changes to these files minimal, but changes do occur, so make sure to stay up-to-date with the version you are flashing, as otherise you will likely get the default install!
    ALSO - with these approaches you can place the TweakedInstall directory on either the internal or external sdcard. That being said, in general if you have a TweakedInstall directory on BOTH your external AND internal sdcard, the files in the external sdcard directory will be chosen over those in the internal sdcard directory. Furthermore - it is VERY important that you DO NOT RENAME ANY OF THE FILES OR THE DIRECTORY! If you do you will likely get a default install when flashing the main installer (not the worst thing, but still).

    ----- BASIC -----
    This is the approach that is highlighted in the "SUPER SIMPLE SAFE APPROACH" in the first post. This approach utilizes the aroma installer, but it doesn't actually install anything. Instead, it creates and correctly places one of the files referenced in the advanced approach for you. On the surface it will appear quite similar to what you have seen from me in the past regarding aroma, but trust me nothing is being flashed (outside of one file being written to internal/external sdcard). You only need to do this once, unless you later decide you want to change your setup or you are flashing a new version of Tweaked.

    Basic Approach Installation Video
    Thanks to Warrior1975 there is now a video that walks through the basic install approach. Make sure to thank him - this is very much appreciated!!

    ----- ADVANCED -----
    This approach requires changes you will have to do, and therefore needs a little reading and preparing ahead of time. In order to help things along, I've put together a zip file (see downloads post here) with instructions and needed files - make sure to read the... well, the README! The contents of that readme file are below:

    --- From the READMEFIRST-INSTRUCTIONS.txt in the file ---


    1) Decide if you will be editing text files on the computer or the phone
    ---- regardless of where you do this, the result must go in a specific directory on your internal/external sdcard (see below)
    ---- if you use a computer to edit, make sure it uses the Unix-style end-of-line character (you can use Notepad++ on a PC)
    2) Extract the TweakedInstall folder
    ---- Inside are three files - the main one of interest is install.prop
    3) Open install.prop and read the instructions
    ---- it is on this file you select options
    ---- this is similar in idea to how it was done in aroma
    ---- ALL you are doing with this is changing the numbers that come after the = signs
    ---- Follow the instructions for what each number means for each choice
    4) Complete any other OPTIONAL file edits (see Tweaked OP for more info on this)
    5) Make sure the directory along with your newly-edited files are moved to your sdcard if not already
    6) Boot into recovery and flash the main installer zip


    The edited text file(s) being kept in the TweakedInstall directory on your sdcard will make it so
    you won't need to do any choosing the next time you want to flash the main installer. You can always
    come back to or reflash Tweaked exactly how you originally set it up with no more extra effort!


    The hope is that these instructions are as simple but as thorough as possible for those wanting to embark on the advanced approach. That being said there is one more point I want to elaborate on that goes beyond those included instructions, and it is relevant for users of both the Basic and Advanced approaches.

    Want to remove things in the "base" rom
    There are certain apks that I have kept included as unalterable-by-custom-installation-options. For those that are comfortable and (hopefully) knowledgeable, there is now a way to quickly and easily "debloat" the rom at the time of installation beyond what I have done as a "base" or default. It requires using the applist file in combination with information on what is standard included from the baseappslist.txt file - both of which can be found in the file. It is this applist file that is being vaguely referred to in step 4 of the advanced approach instructions.
    - The baseappslist.txt lists out the apk name of every apk that I include as part of the "base" of Tweaked. If after scouring the list you end up finding one or a few apks that you don't want as part of your install, copy the apk name(s) EXACTLY from the baseappslist.txt file and paste/transfer that information in to the applist file - ONE APK NAME PER LINE. This applist file needs to go in the same directory as your edited install.prop file - i.e. the TweakedInstall directory that is at the root of your int/ext sdcard. For the more visual in the crowd, here is an example of what the applist file should look like:
    - In order for this applist to be read by the installer, one last step has to be completed within the install.prop. There is an entry called dangertweaks that is default set to =0. If you want applist to be read (i.e. you want to remove the apks that are listed in applist), you need to set dangertweaks=1. For users of the basic approach, there is a similarly named option you can select within aroma (it's the one labeled as DANGEROUS).
    - You should note the variable name I use there - dangertweaks. That's because this CAN ROYALLY SCREW UP YOUR PHONE!! This is an extra option for those that know a thing or two about what can and can't be excluded from a rom/system - this is NOT a beginners tool! USE THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!
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    Note II UVBMD1 Tweaked v2.5 -- Mirror
    md5: FFA8469A4FC21205BFA715C9CFE98A3A

    Note II UVBMD1 Tweaked v2.5 UPDATE ONLY can be found on or through GooManager! 2.5 WILL ALTER/BREAK THEMES!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

    Tweaked v2.5 Basic Approach Prepare Install
    NOTE: While this is flashable, it does NOT flash the rom!!
    md5: A8EA19C86DD0D45D31FD2860BD0CA738

    Tweaked v2.x Advanced Approach Installer Information
    NOTE: This is NOT a flashable zip! Open it up and read through it!

    Tweaked Modificatinator UVBMD1 v2.5
    NOTE: This is an aroma installer that lets you un/re/install most of the mods from the main installer
    md5: 77BBA05B355763B42ECBABF613236573

    Miscellaneous Flashables
    NOTE: This is a directory that will get a random flashable or two put into it - feel free to check it out
    - Flashable to get stock 7spot/aosp lockscreen hotspot images
    - Flashable to get stock Mms icons
    - Flashables to get them back to original Tweaked-base
    - Battery Aroma - lets you alter ALL THREE battery icon images - 1.0 includes 25 options

    UVBMD1 Deodexed System Apps
    md5: CA00BDCFE319CBFF68A7F2415BD3CD5E

    UVBMD1 Empty SystemApp Flasher
    NOTE: MUST place apks in the app folder within the system folder inside the zip file PRIOR to flashing
    md5: 2EEA3990D915E37BFD389E261FADAEB4


    UVBMD1 Stock Kernel
    md5: 32A68DC47F7D3D31FB8087FAF0A37279

    UVBMD1 Stock Recovery
    md5: D94FEB3EAAA51DD0A0C6160336FA0214

    UVBMD1 Modem
    md5: EDDD8C238E3E2A61FABA370A12D9F22F

    UVALK8 Modem
    NOTE: I include this here as word is it seems to be needed for folks wanting to SIM unlock their phones via special dialercode menu.
    md5: 238F49EEFF30C059297E3BF061C81593


    Note II UVBMD1 Tweaked v2.4.1 -- Mirror
    md5: 327A07CF303B906CAB4A973B0CC2AE60
    Tweaked Modificatinator UVBMD1 v2.4.1
    md5: 34FE0C82645016756666C033A7BEACCF
    Note II UVBMD1 Tweaked v2.3 -- Mirror
    md5: B6DA585608589800598F448F24EAD624
    Tweaked Modificatinator UVBMD1 v2.3
    NOTE: This is an aroma installer that lets you un/re/install most of the mods from the main installer
    md5: 22070EBDBC99BBDD0BCFEB78BB08CAF0
    Note II UVBMD1 Tweaked v2.2 -- Mirror
    md5: 566FEE63845BC40BE8A06CB68A48B0FB
    Tweaked Modificatinator UVBMD1 v2.2
    NOTE: This is an aroma installer that lets you un/re/install most of the mods from the main installer
    md5: A821ABD464B36B64F6B2F8A2EB50B007
    NOTE: Below this are builds from the earlier UVBMB4 base!
    Note II UVBMB4 Tweaked v2.1 -- Mirror
    md5: E0E0EE33D9B4208C4244A5D5F9F07D9D
    Tweaked Modificatinator v2.1
    NOTE: This is an aroma installer that lets you un/re/install most of the mods from the main installer
    md5: 4693C36E6DE0228C4C5FDDC3FDB17CC1
    Note II UVBMB4 Tweaked v2.0 -- Mirror
    md5: 65634A693E4031D9ECF440EBB2B278FF
    Tweaked Modificatinator v2.0
    NOTE: This is an aroma installer that lets you un/re/install most of the mods from the main installer
    md5: AAC6E3614CF3CBC69C13B2806AC47CF1
    Check out the original UVALL4 Tweaked thread for builds earlier than this...
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    sbrissen - smali tips and what not
    nitsuj17 - tips, advice, useful info, and tireless stifling
    imnuts - far too many reasons to list
    jt1134 - far too many reasons yet again
    ChainsDD and Chainfire - reasons upon reasons
    wanam/lidroid - amazing guides and toggle work
    amarullz - awesome install utility
    dirtymindedx - unexpected and very much appreciated donation goodness - x2 even! - MANY THANKS!!
    JaeKar99 - for awesome wallpaper/banner/boot animation work (if you like his work feel free to show him!)
    Alexia Whitehurst - support, theme/mod work, and a host of other things too numerous to name
    AkaTheMacDaddy - tester extraordinaire and endless encouragement
    mikeyinid - all kinds of awesome testing and resource finding
    mikeyxda - help w/ non-murky ripplier lockscreen, zerowakelag mod
    foreverloco - for making an awesome AOSP theme specific for my muddled mess of a rom
    prdog1 and mikeybones - critical pieces to the long-press-kill mod
    prdog1 again - general support/info/help even though he doesn't even have this phone!!
    deeznutz1977 - testing and idea making
    Owlensteed - testing and mediafire goodness
    G1Master - testing and ideas/suggestions
    Gack69 - relentless testing and bug hunting
    chopperthedog - for hooking me up with file hosting stuffs
    gunnermike - also providing hosting for files
    Endless2232 - layout (and general) xml guidance
    MidnightNinja - image repairs and what not
    loserskater - improved volume skip info
    0tt0m@n - help w/ SysScope
    travp624 and TeamBacon for the 4.2.2 AOSP Mms (from here)
    noname81 - all the good LMT launcher work - check out his thread for more info!
    didact79 - awesome guides that get me pointed in the right direction
    lidroid/wanam - for some toggle code and images
    scalee - amazing pointers on modifying flashbarservice/multiwindow
    erikmm - pointers, tips, general helpfulness
    merwin - pointers, tips, general helpfulness
    All of TeamSbrissenMod and those responsible for TSMParts
    Anyone else I likely forgot


    Beyond the contributions of the above individuals, there were a number of guides found on xda or via google that were used along the way. Some representative samples include:

    CRT Off guide
    Extended power menu
    This and this were looked at for upsell avoidance attempts
    Finger ink effect
    23 Toggles
    SDBooster and CPUSleeper info
    Aroma installer info
    Bravia files
    Volume hack info
    Call recording guide
    This and this held clues for the Nfc screen off/lockscreen mod
    AOSP Browser pulled from this build
    SecMms.apk modding info
    Better volume skip info
    AOSP Mms how-to
    This guide helped me figure out my twist on the lockscreen torch
    Signature verification removal
    zerowakelag mod by mikeyxda
    Some SecMms mods that I hadn't done yet
    Statusbar traffic meter guide
    xposed multiwindow mod by Scalee used as a guide for editing flashbarservice
    Quick enter mod guide for pin/pass lockscreens by loserskater

    And I'm sure a bunch of others that have become buried in my browser history...
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    Thank you for posting !!! I've changed the title (let me know if you want it differently) and you are now badged up as should be to developer....

    Peeps if you are on T-Mo this is where you should be right now..enjoying some goodies...
    "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm"


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bkdodger View Post
    Thank you for posting !!! I've changed the title (let me know if you want it differently) and you are now badged up as should be to developer....

    Peeps if you are on T-Mo this is where you should be right now..enjoying some goodies...
    Title is great, thanks for fixing that -
    and for the kind words of course
    EDIT: And for the badge! Dunno if I quite think of myself in that way but it's much appreciated!
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    I flashed the Verizon version last night ..great work on this ROM it's buttery smooth ..awesome how great TSM parts customizes ..
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    "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm"


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