h311sdr0id over at XDA posted this in the VZW Note2 ROM Section... See original thread for details.

If you like it let the Original Developer know.

[ROM][ODEX]☆★ProjectOdex★☆| NEW 350MB | For You ODEX Lovers Who Want MODs!! | ☆ - xda-developers

This is an AGRESSIVE debloat with a few nice UI tweaks that has been Odexed for performance. Flashed it & played around for an hour or two last night... this thing was fast.

Since it is odexed, you might feel a bit tied down. Might also send you looking for stock APK's to install (i.e. SNote was cut with the fat).

Note: It is currently a beta with a know issue on the Flashlight. (Given the lightening speed, I could live without he flashlight.)